“I don’t deserve this award. But I have arthritis and I don’t deserve that either.”

Liebster Award

That was a quote from Jack Benny. I don’t have arthritis. (“YET!” I’m sure my Dad is saying.)

Josie over at Books and Black Licorice nominated me for the Liebster Award. She’s listed in the sidebar under the heading “Blogs I Follow.” If you haven’t checked out her blog, make sure you do! She has an incredible writing style and writes about her fun experiences in college.

The award is for bloggers who are nominated by others as their favorite blogs. They must have less than 200 followers and nominees must follow these rules:

1) Post eleven facts about yourself.
2) Answer the questions posted by the nominator.
3) Pass the award on to eleven new recipients.
4) Pose 11 new questions to your bloggers.

Post a copy of the badge on your blog (type “Liebster Award” into Google images; you’ll find plenty to choose from). Notify nominees and include links to the originating blog, as well as the new recipients.

And here are eleven facts you may not know about me! Or, you know, you might.

1) I am a Communication major with an emphasis in Journalism. However, I get tired of explaining to people how that works, so now I just say I’m a Journalism major. It saves time.

2) I am a French minor.

3) My dream job is to be an overseas journalist in Europe. Preferably in… you guessed it… France!

4) I am an introvert.

5) I recently discovered, to the horror of my family, that I enjoy… musicals. “Les Miserables” was pretty good. Even if it did have Anne Hathaway in it.

6) I come from a big family — oldest of seven — and I was homeschooled for the majority of my life. But you’ve probably guessed that by now.

7) I love to read, but haven’t done much of it since school started. My favorite book is “Pride and Prejudice,” but a more modern series I love is “The Shadow of the Bear.” I also pre-ordered the next book in the series.

8) I love to eat anything chocolate.

9) I hate condiments. Ketchup, mustard, mayo, and pickles make me sick. Why would you ruin a perfectly good hamburger?

10) I love rain.

11) In a freak babysitting accident, I once had to clean out a sink clogged with a child’s lunch.

Sorry about that last one. I ran out of things to say. Hopefully the next set of questions will go better.

Q: If you found $100 in your pocket today, what would you do with it?

A: I would do a little happy dance. And then I would probably put it in a bank. College has turned me into an adult who pinches pennies. I feel old.

Q: What is your dream wedding dress? 

A: Honestly, I don’t have an exact image in my mind. I like clothes that are simple, but fun at the same time. My favorite wedding dress has to be Kate Middleton’s from the royal wedding.

Kate Middleton

Q: What do you do in awkward situations?

I usually smile, which probably just adds to the awkwardness.


Q: M&Ms or Skittles?

A: Skittles. The best ones are the orange and red ones.

Q: Pink or blue?

A: Blue. I looked in my closet the other day and realized that half of my shirts were blue. It must be a subconscious thing.

Q: What do you do when you procrastinate? And if you don’t procrastinate, what is your secret?

A: I wish I had a secret to avoid procrastinating. I usually go on Facebook, watch episodes of “Lost,” “The Office,” or “Parks and Recreation.” Or I eat a cookie. Or stare at the ceiling. Or…

Q: Hugs or kisses?

A: Well, I guess it depends on the situation. If I was in a relationship, I would say both… but I’m single. (Don’t worry, Dad!) If we’re talking about the candy version, I would say kisses.

Funny story. When I was in grade school, my dad would try to give me advice on how to let boys know I liked them. He told me to give them a doughnut, kiss them on the cheek and say, “I think you’re dreamy.” His next piece of advice was to run away.

I think the boy would be the one running.

Q: Earth, fire, air, water?

A: Water, I guess.

Q: What did you dream about last night?

A: I had a dream that I had to re-write all of the papers I’ve written this semester with a can of Cheese-Whiz.

It seemed perfectly normal in the dream.

Q: Dream date and/or proposal situation?

A: I don’t have one. Boy, am I lame. I would be fine with anything laid-back. Watching a movie, taking a walk in the park, or going out to dinner. And as far as a proposal goes, I just want to be surprised.

Q: What would your patronus be?

A: I had to look this up because…

I haven’t read Harry Potter or seen the movies.

But before you begin your strongly-worded comments about how Harry Potter is the best series ever written and anyone who hasn’t read them is missing out and boy are you sheltered and uncultured and you probably like Twilight and think vampires are cool, let me just say that I have heard it all before. I really have no time or desire to read them. I don’t think you’re an evil person if you have read them. I have no opinion on the subject.

Just please, keep it civil.

P.S. I hate Twilight. No hate mail, please.

*Phew!* Well, that was fun. Now, here are my nominations.

AHEM, Mother Crabby at Actions Speak Louder. 😉

Picco at Spoonlighting.

Marie at Adventures in a Grownup World.

Grace at Teenage Traditionalist.

Delena at It’s On My To-Do List.

And here are the questions, ladies.

1) What is something that you loved to do as a kid but would be mortified to do now?

2) If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

3) What is your favorite way to spend a rainy day?

4) What is an unusual skill you possess?

5) Would you rather have toasters for hands or have a donkey follow you around everywhere? (This was an actual question from a recent job interview. I kid you not.)

6) What is the scariest thing you ever did?

7) What is your dream job?

8) What actress would you want to portray you in a movie adaptation of your life? (Again, another interview question.)

9) What is your pet peeve?

10) Hot or cold pizza?

11) Did you have a celebrity crush? Who is it?

Thanks for the award, Josie! This has been fun!


5 responses

  1. i love the answers to my questions! too funny! and I only included the Patronus question because I thought everyone knew what that was….sorry… 🙂

    1. Haha, no worries! 😉 I think everyone does know what it is. I’m one of the .000001% of the population who hasn’t read the books. It’s my own dang fault. 🙂 I loved answering your questions! It was a lot of fun! Thanks again for the award!

  2. You have a blog?

  3. Yayy thanks girl 🙂

  4. Squee! Thanks!! 😀

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